Additional Mousepad Specs

Mousepad Thickness
 - Our mousepads are THICK. 4mm provides a quality product that will last through everyday use.

Colored Stitched Edging - Our mousepads feature a sturdy stitched edging that keeps it free of any annoying fray while you play. The designs on our mousepads are printed on top of the stitched edging, that way the design flows and shows to the edge without interruption.

Mid Control Mouse Glide - We chose a polyester blend fabric that is not too fast or too slow. It’s just right and provides a smooth mid-control glide. 

Colors - We strive to provide the most vibrant and colorful print available. We print with 6 colors, while most competitors use 4, and we use a proprietary blend of CMYK and Neon colors to create the widest gamut of color range possible. 

Printing Process - Our mousepads are printed and produced with help of a heat press and dye sublimation, which is the process of taking a solid and converting it into gas. The hot temperature of the press turns the ink into gas and bonds it with the smooth polyester material that makes up the top of the mousepad, so you don’t have to worry about the design peeling or fading.